AAMIN was established in Somalia 2006 by Somali professionals to address the most important sectors for the livelihood of the Somali community including Food, Health, Education and Water and Youth Livelihood programs as well to enable them to seek and to secure sustainable jobs and employment that has equitable access to all opportunities.
AAMIN has good relations with the local authorities and communities and have a good reputation with project beneficiaries in its areas of coverage. AAMIN is an active member of various networks that include South Central Somali Health Cluster and Somali Health Cluster, Food Security and Livelihood Cluster as well.
The association maintains excellent relations with civil society organizations within the country in the various aspects of relief, development, peace building and human rights.
The organization also registered in the Somali Federal Government (SFG) and respective regions that he operates, the organization has since completed more than 6 projects in Banadir, Hiranand Galguduud partnered most leading humanitarian and development agencies including; UNOCHA, UNDP and W.H.O.

Thousands of persons are disabled or killed in minor or major road accidents throughout Somalia.
After any major accident, the seriously injured persons lie on the site for several hours waiting for shifting to the nearest hospital or Medical Centre. Often, delay and apathy cause loss of valuable lives, leaving many others injured, crippled and handicapped. In response to that AAMIN re-started Free Ambulance Service in Mogadishu and Af-goi corridor since the collapse of Somali Central Government to help the affected and war-injured civilians in Mogadishu and providing them a lifesaving service and established three Health Posts in Mogadishu, Lower Shebelle and Hiran for free health checkups and screening.

AAMIN currently implementing the largest single fleet of Ambulances in the country with an un-paralleled record of quick response for the affected of any disaster. Its nation-wide network equipped with the latest communication system now covers the remotest areas of Mogadishu.

A fleet of 10 ambulances, field mobile units and rescue units, which comprise this network, are maintained in a state of readiness to meet any emergency in the shortest possible time anywhere in Mogadishu.
AAMIN believes in participatory approach in its entire programs. The Organization has 7 members Board of Trustees of three of them are women who meet quarterly to appraise the progress of its activities. The members take decisions collectively.